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Here at the CMT  online store we choose our products to be O.E.M. compatible. We have been through all the head aches over our 30 years of being open.You can trust that our parts will fit like O.E.M. factory parts.


22re Complete Gasket Set


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New gasket set fits 22re 1985 - 1995 fuel injected



22re Timing Chain Kit


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Complete timing chain kit for Toyota 22re 1985 - 1995 fuel injection. Our kits come with steel guides, not plastic ones like our competitors.


New 22RE head


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New aftermarket toyota pickup head. Fits 85 - 95 22r, 22re engines. These heads are Manny approved. They are also the heads that we use on our rebuilds.



New 22re Oil Pump  


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22re new oil pump fits 1985 - 1995 fuel injected



22re New Timing Chain Cover


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new timing chain cover fits 1985 - 1995 fuel injection



22re New Water Pump


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Fits 1985 - 1995 Toyota fuel injected 22re



Nissan Pickup Door Lock and Key Set


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New door locks with keys fits Nissan Pickup 1992 - 1997



Toyota Pickup Tail Gate Handle 1983 - 1988


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New tail gate handle for your 1983 - 1988 toyota pickup.
Black plastic handle.



Toyota Pickup Tail Gate Handle 1989 - 1995


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Choose this handle in black or chrome. Chrome handle is metal and the black handle is plastic.



Nissan Pickup Tail Gate Handle


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This tail gate handle has a very broad interchange 1986 - 2000